The Prevention Center provides a relaxed and comfortable setting for you to discuss your health concerns and for us to help you understand the results of any testing that has been done.

Our approach is centered on communication.  We want you to be aware of any risks or hidden problems that we uncover and want to partner with you to create a plan that reduce those risks.  We understand that everyone is different in their risks and resources and want to tailor a plan that meets YOUR needs.

What to expect at your visit:

1. The Consultation-  We’ll start with a discussion with one of our practitioners to get to know you and better understand your current health concerns and risk factors and how they may effect your overall health.  If you have already had testing done through your primary care provider, we will discuss the results of those tests and what they mean regarding your individual risk.

2. The Plan– Based on our discussion, we’ll develop a plan to begin reducing your individual cardiovascular risk.  This may include recommendations for:

  • lifestyle changes (including diet and exercise)
  • the use of medication or supplements to help achieve your goals
  • testing to further evaluate your cardiovascular risk
  • plan for follow-up to assess your progress 

Throughout the entire process, from your first test to your annual check-ups, it is our goal to make you feel comfortable and well-informed on the tests we’re performing, what the results will tell us and how we’ll use that information to build your personalized prevention plan.

To schedule your first appointment, please contact us today