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Patient Stories of Survival

The Prevention Center tests and treats patients from all over the region, uncovering unknown risk and preventing life-altering heart attacks and strokes. The practitioners and staff at the Prevention Center are passionate about reducing the affects of cardiovascular disease in our community. Our team celebrates together with our patients each time a risk is identified and a life saved.

Read some of our patients’ stories of success and survival:

Survivor Sandra and her Husband


Sandra knew her husband had a family history of heart disease. A long-time patient of Dr. Skinner, Sandra took her husband to his family practice clinic for an EKG and stress test. They were relieved when the results came back normal; in fact, he passed with flying colors. Little did they know, these traditional tests left a potentially deadly situation lying in wait.

Upon urging by Dr. Skinner, Sandra and her husband visited The Prevention Center for more advanced testing. Sandra states, “I knew my husband was in the age bracket where heart problems start showing up, so we agreed that he should have additional tests.” She admits now, “We had no real concerns.”

Dr. Skinner’s Prevention Center team performed a variety of advanced tests on Sandra’s husband, including Advanced Lipid Panels through Boston Heart Diagnostics. The results came in and everything Sandra thought she knew about her husband’s health went out the window. “When Dr. Skinner told us that my husband’s coronary calcium level was 7 times the level that is normally indicative of heart problems, we were absolutely shocked!”

Following The Prevention Center’s recommendation, Sandra took her husband to get a cardiac catheterization. The cardiologist called and said he found three blockages in his arteries and he would need 3 stents. “While you hope your loved ones never have serious health issues, it’s always better to know in advance. Had he not had the Advanced Lipid Panels through The Prevention Center, he very well may have had a fatal heart attack.”

Sandra’s husband continues to work with Dr. Skinner’s Prevention Center team and is now getting the treatment he needs to improve his health and prevent a future catastrophe.

      -Sandra, 50, Southaven, MS

Leigh Anne Survivor


Before visiting the Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention Center, Leigh Anne admits, “I wasn’t serious about preventative healthcare. I honestly wasn’t that concerned about my elevated cholesterol.” Leigh Anne knew she had a family history of heart disease, with all of her siblings having had bypass surgeries. However, it wasn’t until she had a health scare of her own that she became serious about her health.

Leigh Anne recently had an emergency appendectomy that resulted in a blood clot in her lung.  This scare was enough to make her want a better understanding of her current health and future risks. She notes, “As a real estate professional, it’s important that I be healthy. Missing an appointment for health reasons costs me money and future business.”

During her visit to the Prevention Center, Dr. Skinner’s team performed extensive testing including a Carotid ultrasound (CIMT), genetic testing and advanced lipid panels.  When the results arrived, they uncovered issues with her LDL, HDL and triglycerides while also confirming that her cholesterol was much too high.

Having a full picture of her health risks has benefitted Leigh Anne greatly. She is taking charge of her future and feels comfort in having a plan for improving her health over time. In addition to medications prescribed to work best with her body, Leigh Anne’s prevention plan included some lifestyle changes that include eliminating fried foods and getting exercise by walking. She is already seeing improvement with the treatment and medicine recommended by the Prevention Center. Leigh Anne remarks, “As a result of going to Dr. Skinner’s Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention Center, my health has improved, I have more energy and I am able to continue being a top producer in my career.”

      -Leigh Anne, 56, Olive Branch, MS