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Cardiovascular disease remains the number one killer in America, claiming more lives each year than all types of cancer and accidents combined.

Unfortunately, routine testing often does not uncover serious problems until it is too late to stop life-threatening heart attacks and strokes.

The Prevention Center was founded in the heart of the Stroke Belt.  It's mission is to reduce the occurrence of catastrophic heart attacks and strokes by identifying both risk and hidden disease, often before symptoms have even occurred and provide affordable, advanced preventive care.  Since opening its doors, the Prevention Center has tested and identified thousands of patients needing cardiovascular disease treatment.

The Prevention Center is one of the Nations first clinics to focus exclusively on the identification and prevention of cardiovascular disease.  Following a paradigm of early disease identification, treatment and patient education, the center goes well beyond current medical standards.  Performing advanced, state-of-the-art testing provides the vital information needed to create a personalized treatment plan to target and reduce your specific risks.

As a specialty clinic, our goal is not to replace your current healthcare team, but rather to partner with them to improve your health and eliminate your risk of cardiovascular disease.

With The Prevention Center, your future and your health are in your control.

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